About Us

Groundworks is a company that helps inspire, resource, and advance great Ideas. We support people in their process of personal growth, and create workspace for transformative initiatives to accelerate. We provide mentoring and coaching for individuals and companies globally.

Ken Janke

Ken Janke is the founder of Groundworks. He works to position people, organizations, and businesses for their effective future, believing transformation is possible through collective ideas and collaborative action. He collaborates with mission-minded organizations and networks globally to create change in our world.

Our Work

At Groundworks, we have a history of supporting entrepreneurs by providing them with access to quality workspace, coaching and mentoring, a shared knowledge network, peer-to-peer training, and a collaborative ecology. Our collaborative workspaces, known as the Grove, have the potential to launch initiatives that will benefit communities and cities and will drive economic development.

At Groundworks, we have developed Story Lab to help individuals author the story they want to live as missional people. We work to help people discover how to create a vocation that is less about what they do, and more about who they are. Story Lab is a facilitated weekend event to help inspire mission as a lifestyle. We believe that a vocation should be about creating a life - not just about earning a living. Living with great intentionality creates vision. This workshop helps its participants begin to live their story and author their personal mission.